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The DaCapo Benchmark Suite (unofficial)

(Excerpt from https://www.dacapobench.org/) This benchmark suite is intended as a tool for Java benchmarking by the programming language, memory management and computer architecture communities. It consists of a set of open source, real world applications with non-trivial memory loads.

I actively use the DaCapo Benchmarks while developing MMTk. The new version 23.11-chopin is finally released on 8 November 2023 after 14 years. 🎉 🎊 🎈 🍻 ✌️ If the official download link is too slow for you, you can try my unofficial BitTorrent (BT) file. Make sure you verify the file integrity using the SHA-256 checksum from the official release page.

Unofficial torrent: dacapo-23.11-chopin.zip.torrent