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I am currently employed in Huawei as a Senior Engineer.

I was a PhD student in the College of Engineering and Computer Science in the Australian National University. My supervisor was Steve Blackburn. My research interest is the design and implementation of managed languages, i.e. the kind of languages that usually run on virtual machines and usually use garbage collection. My thesis introduced the abstraction layer of micro virtual machines which aim to allow the development of higher-quality, higher-performance managed languages.


I have some open-source projects for my researches, or for fun.

The Mu micro virtual machine: Mu is a so-called “micro virtual machine”, a minimal managed runtime for language implementations. Like microkernels, a micro VM only includes essential parts of traditional language VMs (such as JVM, .NET, etc.), and off-loads non-essential parts to a separate layer (a micro VM “client”). This design intends to provide a reliable foundation for the implementations of high-level languages. I am the chief architect of this project, and am responsible for its specification and its reference implementation.

JSON HTML Query Language: A simple tool for extracting text contents from HTML documents.

More projects are hosted on GitHub.



Email: wks1986 AT gmail DOT com